Hark Madley - Friendship 7
Hark Madley - Open Spaces 1
Hark Madley - Friendship 7
Hark Madley - Friendship 7

The first single from my upcoming EP is now available!




During John Glenn's orbital spaceflight in 1962, the astronaut encountered strange lights that encapsulated the capsule. While experiencing this bizarre phenomenon, the connection with ground control was continuously disrupted. This song is a tribute to John Glenn, and features samples from his transmission aboard Friendship 7. 

Hark Madley - Open Spaces 1
Hark Madley - Open Spaces 1

As a prequel to my upcoming album, I've released a two track mini ep of ambient piano works inspired by open spaces. This will be the first release in an ongoing series of ambient collections. Download the ep for free here

The Crown - Season 2

In this trailer for Netflix's The Crown, I created a haunting remix of the classic hit song "Only have Eyes For You" using muted piano and some original vocals to set the tone for the upcoming season. 

Casting JonBenet Ramsey

In addition to composing original music for this trailer, I produced a haunting version of the classic Miss America theme song. LA based artist Dresage recorded the vocals, delivering a mystifying lead performance while supporting it with eerie, immersive textures. Click here to listen to it on soundcloud.

A Wrinkle In Time

Annie Lenox's timeless hit "Sweet Dreams" matched the tone of the first "A Wrinkle In Time" trailer perfectly, and I was brought on to produce an intergalactic, trailer-ized cover version of the song. It was a collaboration with Dresage, who delivered the perfect take on these classic melodies. 


Mainline is a short film premiering at ScreamFest this year which I composed the original score for. This is the trailer, and it features some of that score. 

Cable Girls

Netflix featured some of my original music in their "Cable Girls" promo campaign. In this spot specifically, my music can be heard starting at :20.